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Players: 2 or more players
Age: 9 upwards
Genre: Educational, Numbers, Speed of Thought

Standard Delivery: 3-5 working days
Details: Number Card Game

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A great fun test of mental agility with numbers where you have to be the fastest to win.

You get 5 random numbers dealt to you and then a target card is turned over showing a random number. You have to be the first to make the number from your 5 cards (using at least two cards) and shout “GODDIT” to win. Obviously, your friends will want you to explain how you reached the target!

FOR EXAMPLE YOU HAVE: 5 8 12 3 10 in your hand and the target is 33.

How quickly can you reach that target using multiplication, division, addition or subtraction. There are many ways but CAN YOU BE THE FIRST TO SHOUT “GODDIT”?